New article (ENG): "Emanuel Štěpán Petr, a Czech Cavaillé-Coll", in: "The Organ", No 394, Nov.2020-Jan.2021

Dodano 14.11.2020

Szostak Michał, "Emanuel Štěpán Petr, a Czech Cavaillé-Coll"
in: "The Organ”, No 394, Nov.2020-Jan.2021, Musical Opinion Ltd, London, ISSN 0030-4883

Sometimes, life is unpredictable. Restrictions, which reduce our big plans, can open new perspectives and allow us to focus on the areas which could be hidden for us in regular circumstances. This happens to me this year. Due to the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic I needed to cancel my North America concert tour and I started to look for another performance possibilities in closer distance with lover risk of cancellation. Using this strategy, I found some interesting romantic organs in Prague, Czech Republic. Step by step I discovered the unique works of Emanuel Štěpán Petr, a genial organ builder who had been developed Czech organ industry in many dimensions. I had the privilege to play this August two recitals on Petr organs in Prague: at the church of St. Ludmila and at the church of St. Ignatius de Loyola. Referring to Petr’s achievements and his role in Czech organ world, it is no exaggeration if we call him a “Czech Cavaillé-Coll”.


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