"Filmmakers during the pandemic" - interview

Dodano 9.6.2020

Link to the move on YouTube - here.

My 'marketing in audiovisual art' students from the University of Social Sciences in Warsaw prepared a film entitled "Filmmakers during a pandemic." The film was made by members of the CINEMATICIAN association who were looking for the answer to the question - how, being a young filmmaker, survive the pandemic and the time coming after it? Many of the threads raised in the film will certainly be relevant not only during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film starred:
Michał Szostak - assistant professor, University of Social Sciences in Warsaw
Piotr Kinicki - film producer
Katarzyna Szczerba - sound operator
Wojciech Nerkowski - screenwriter

Written and directed by Max Olex
Photos - Ruslan Burmistrov
Editing - Max Olex, Ruslan Burmistrov, Serhii Lysachenko
Subtitles - Julia Floria

The movie will have English, Ukrainian and Russian subtitles soon. 

Facebook page of the CINEMATYCY society - here.


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