Dr hab. Michał Szostak, Associate Professor

Dr hab. Michał Szostak Associate Professor


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NEW BOOK: Szostak, M. (ed.) (2024) Management Aesthetics: Kitsch in Modern Organisations. New York City: Routledge

Description This edited collection presents the complex theory of kitsch from aesthetic and artistic points of view, transposed into managerial and organisational fields. In the spirit of management aesthetics, on the ground of humanistic management, the central aim of the volume is to show that kitsch is a common phenomenon not only in art and culture but also in management, and its conscious perception and mindful use may be beneficial for achieving organisational and managerial goals efficiently. Due to the diverse research problems covered by particular chapters, no unified methodology is applied in the book; every author applied an optimal method for the selected topic. However, due to the complex and metaphysical character of the kitsch phenomenon, the only common


NEW ARTICLE: Szostak Michał (2024). Chicago’s Largest Colossus. The Organ, 408 (May-July), 30-43.

Szostak Michał (2024). Chicago’s Largest Colossus. The Organ, 408 (May-July), 30-43. In March and April 2024, I undertook a Spring recital tour to the United States to perform at a few venues in Chicago, Illinois and San Francisco, California. The first stop on that trip was the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chigaco, where in 2015, the Quimby Pipe Organs company built the most prominent instrument in the city and the whole Midwest. This article describes the church’s history (one of the largest in the city), the history of its instruments, the current organ and some fundamental facts about the organ-building company that created that colossus.


Doctorate habilitated (Associate Professorship) in Management

After a ten-month valuation process, on the 5th of April 2024, I received the Doctorate habilitated degree (Associate Professorship) in Management. It is the last stage before the Full Professorship distinction. The main scientific achievement in the evaluation process was my monograph:  Szostak, M. (2024) Humanistic Management, Organization and Aesthetics: Art of Management and Management of Art. New York City: Routledge. doi: 10.4324/9781003458029.


Organ recital tour: USA 2024

2024/03/22 – USA – Chicago IL, Fourth Presbyterian Church 2024/03/31 – USA – San Francisco CA, Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption 2024/04/05 – USA – Reno NV, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral 2024/04/07 – USA – San Francisco CA, Grace Cathedral


NEW ARTICLE: Szostak, M. (2024) ‘Organ landscapes in Kazakhstan’, The Organ, 407 (Feb-April 2024)

Szostak, M. (2024) ‘Organ landscapes in Kazakhstan’, The Organ, 407(Feb-April 2024), pp. 32–50. Abstract:In August 2023, at the invitation of the Catholic bishop of Karaganda, Msgr. Adelio Dell’Oro, I visited Kazakhstan in central Asia to perform three recitals in the Karaganda region. Kazakhstan is not a place where organs are popular; I would rather even say that the majority of Kazakh society barely associates the word “organ” with a musical instrument. However, all venues (Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima in Karaganda, Birth of Our Lady Church in Szachtinsk, and the church of Our Lady Mother of the Church in Karaganda- Fedorovka) were fully taken during all recitals, and the reception of organ music was enthusiastically warm. This


NEW ARTICLE: (2024) 'Creativity management within the aesthetical situation regarding the in-real or digital form of participation in arts: art receivers’ perspective’, Creativity Studies

Szostak, M. and Sułkowski, Ł. (2024) ‘Creativity management within the aesthetical situation regarding the in-real or digital form of participation in arts: art receivers’ perspective’, Creativity Studies, 17(1), pp. 41–58. doi: 10.3846/cs.2024.16418. Abstract:Because digitalisation of the aesthetical experience, a process speeded up by the not-yet-finished COVID-19 pandemic, should be considered in the context of growth or loss of artistry/creativity, this paper aims to assess the influence of the participation form in the aesthetical situation by receivers on the level of artistry/creativity potential loss. Assessment of the quality of participation by the receivers in each of five types of arts (musical arts, performing arts, literary arts, audio-visual arts, visual arts) was done using the same ten criteria for each type of


NEW ARTICLE (ENG): Szostak, M. (2023) ‘Reflexivity in aesthetic situation management’, Discourses on Culture

Szostak, M. (2023) ‘Reflexivity in aesthetic situation management’, Discourses on Culture, 20, pp. 161–197. doi: 10.2478/doc‑2023‑0015. Abstract:The article deals with reflexivity in the context of the aesthetic situation from two perspectives: self-management and management of the components in the aesthetic situation. All considerations are based on the theory of the aesthetic situation (Gołaszewska, 1984), transcribed into the management field (Szostak, 2023a) with the use of a metaphor of an organisation as a work of art (Szostak & Sułkowski, 2020). Emphasis on reflexivity in specific components of the aesthetic situation – especially the creator and the recipient perspectives – brings a new light into the process of self-awareness and prediction of potential consequences of activities before their appearance. The following issues


NEW ARTICLE (ENG): „Managing the process of organ improvisation”, in: „The Organ”, No 406, Nov.2023-Jan.2024

Szostak, M. (2023) ‘Managing the process of organ improvisation’, The Organ, No 406, Nov.2023-Jan.2024, Musical Opinion Ltd, London, ISSN 0030-4883, pp. 6–16. Abstract: Continuing considerations about the noble and respectable art of organ improvisation (Szostak, 2019, 2020, 2023), I would like to answer the following questions in this work: 1) What are the components of the aesthetic situation in case of organ improvisation and what are the relations between these components? 2) How can an organ improviser manage the process of artistic improvisation in order to be efficient in his musical activities? An interdisciplinary approach must be applied from three perspectives (instrumental studies, aesthetics, and management) to find justified answers. All the time, we base on the concept of Maria Gołaszewska’s theory


Organ recital tour: SCOTLAND 2023

Organ recital tour in Scotland, November 2023 Sunday, 5th Nov 2023, 1.00 pmSt Bride’s Episcopal Church, GLASGOW Sunday, 5th Nov 2023, 6.00 pmSt Columba’s Episcopal Church, EDINBURGH Wednesday, 8th Nov 2023, 7.30 pmSt Ninian’s Episcolpal Cathedral, PERTH


Toccata Festiva, improvisation
Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Legnica, Poland

Fantasia on „Zdráv buď, strážce”, improvisation
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Ostrava, Czech Republic

ORGAN SYMPHONY: Prelude, Fugue, Adagio, Scherzo, Cantabile, Final, improvisation
Church of St Ignatius (Kostel sv. Ignáce)
Prague, Czech Republic

Sortie-Marche – improvisation
St Anne Academic Church, Warsaw, Poland, 2019/02/23
„Organ, as a source of inspiration” – concert on the occasion of obtaining the degree of Doctor of Art in Organ Playing

Variations symphoniques – improvisation
Van den Heuvel Organ, 101/5M+P
Saint-Eustache, Paris, France

Suide du deuxieme ton – L. Cleramboult
E.F. Walcker Organ, 2M+P
BMV de Lourdes, Warsaw, Poland

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  • 2016.11.21, Diecezjalne Studium Organistowskie w Tarnowie, konferencja naukowa, referat pt. 'Wielkie organy bazyliki licheńskiej w zestawieniu z największymi organami Polski, Europy i świata’
  • 2005, nagranie CD z literaturą organową i improwizacjami na nieistniejących już organach kościoła M.B. z Lourdes w Warszawie

  • 2004, monografia nt. nieistniejących już organów J.G.Meinerta znajdujących się wówczas w kościele M.B. z Lourdes na warszawskiej Pradze

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Spring Meeting of American Guild of Organist, European Chapter, April 2019

Poland: Warszawa, Licheń Stary, Łódź, Kazimierz Dolny

The European Chapter of American Guild of Organist at the console of the largest organ (157/6M+P) in Poland, Licheń.

The European Chapter of American Guild of Organist at the Kings Castle, Warsaw.

The European Chapter of American Guild of Organist at Saint Anne Academic Church, Warsaw.

I had the pleasure to organize and host the Spring Meeting of the European Chapter of the American Guild of Organist, which took place in Poland. Detailed schedule was as follows:

Monday (April 22nd): WARSAW
16.00-18.00 Spring Meeting 2019 registration
19.00-22.00 Opening dinner (at Hotel Gromada)

Tuesday (April 23rd): WARSAW
06.30-08.45 Breakfast at the hotel 
09.00-09.20 Walk to the church
09.30-11.00 St. Ann Church, the Old Town
11.30-13.00 Warsaw Archcathedral, the Old Town
13.00-14.30 Lunch on your own in the Old Town
15.00-16.30 Military Cathedral, the Old Town
17.00-20.00 Evening at “MOMU” restaurant and “Vodka Museum” with vodkas degustation
20.00-20.15 Walk to the hotel

Wednesday (April 24th): WARSAW-LICHEŃ-ŁÓDŹ-WARSAW
06.30-08.45 Breakfast at the hotel
09.00-11.30 Coach travel WARSAW-LICHEŃ
12.00-13.00 LICHEŃ: tour around the Shrine with a guide
13.00-15.00 LICHEŃ: the largest organ in Poland
15.15-16.00 LICHEŃ: Meal at pilgrims restaurant ARKA in the Shrine
16.30-18.00 Coach travel LICHEŃ-ŁÓDŹ
18.45-20.15 ŁÓDŹ: Cathedral
20.30 ŁÓDŹ: Evening meal, “Gęsi Puch” Restaurant
21.30-22.30 Coach travel ŁÓDŹ-WARSAW

06.30-08.00 Breakfast at the hotel
08.20-08.40 Walk to the church
08.45-10.15 The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Warsaw
10.30-12.30 Coach travel WARSAW-KAZIMIERZ DOLNY
13.00-14.15 Lunch and sightseeing
14.30-16.00 Baroque organ of St. John Baptist church
16.15-18.30 Coach travel KAZIMIERZ-WARSAW
18.30-20.00 Evangelical-Reformed Church, Al. Solidarności
20.00-20.30 Travel to the hotel
20.30 Dinner in a restaurant and historic chocolate shop of E. Wedel (open till 22.00)

Friday (April 26th): WARSAW
06.30-08.45 Breakfast at the hotel
09.00-10.00 Coach travel WARSAW-WOŁOMIN
10.00-12.00 Visit at “Zych Organ building Company”
12.00-13.00 Coach travel WOŁOMIN-WARSAW
13.00-13.30 Lunch in a café near the church
13.30-15.00 Holly Cross Basilica, F. Chopin’s heart
15.00-15.30 Travel to the Museum
15.30 & 16.00-18.00 Polish Jews Museum “Polin”
18.00-18.30 Travel to the hotel
19.15-23.00 Closing dinner (at “Dawne Smaki” Restaurant, Nowy Świat 49)

Saturday (April 27th): WARSAW, day extra
06.30-11.30 Breakfast at the hotel
09.30-11.00 Seminary Church
Warsaw view from 31st floor of the PKiN
Chopin Museum
19.00-21.00 Polish National Ballet

Doctor of Music Arts, February 2019

The Fryderyk Chopin Universuty of Music, Warsaw

With the patron of the Music University.

With the rector of the Fryderyk Chopin Music University.

Solemn presentation of the diploma DMA,
Warsaw, 2019/02/22.

With the promoter, Prof. Andrzej Chorosiński

Cote d'Azur et Monaco, April-Mai 2018

Nice, Cannes, Monaco

Sortie on 'Regina caeli’ – improvisation
Cathédrale Notre-Dame-Immaculée (Saint-Nicholas), Monaco

Monaco, Cathédrale Notre-Dame-Immaculée (Saint-Nicholas)

Fugue sol minour – improvisation
Cathédrale Notre-Dame-Immaculée (Saint-Nicholas), Monaco

Spring Meeting of American Guild of Organist, European Chapter, April 2018

Belgium, The Netherlands

Mrs Judy Riefel-Lindel, Dean of the European Chapter of American Guild of Organist

Morning has broken – improvisation
Sint-Martinus, Genk, Belgium