Dr hab. Michał Szostak, Associate Professor

Dr hab. Michał Szostak Associate Professor

NEW ARTICLE: Contextual inspiration and motive in persuasive creativity: lessons from artistic improvisation, in: Discourses on Culture, 2022, 17(1)

Szostak, M. (2022) ‘Contextual inspiration and motive in persuasive creativity: lessons from artistic improvisation’, Discourses on Culture, 17(1), pp. 101–131. doi: 10.36145/DoC2022.05.

Abstract: Based on the literature review and autoethnography, the article deals with the role of contextual inspiration and motive in persuasive creativity based on the theory and practice of performative art improvisation. Referring to the theory of the aesthetic situation, the analysis depicts that being a persuasive creator requires having a solid and conscious motive and proper trigger in the form of inspiration driven by the context and the environment. Furthermore, performative art improvisation reveals valuable issues for understanding persuasive creativity because the improvisation process is happening prompt without the possibility of its correction or repetition. Therefore, the creator can manage the process of persuasive artistic creativity to achieve goals by understanding the creative process and its phases, realising different motives and appropriate igniting inspirations towards specific receivers’ groups, and developing his identity as a conscious creator. Being authentic and rooted in the contexts, the creation will be persuasive, understandable and inspiring for receivers.

Full text is available – here.

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