NEW ARTICLE (ENG): Szostak, M. (2023) ‘Reflexivity in aesthetic situation management’, Discourses on Culture

Dodano 21.12.2023

Szostak, M. (2023) ‘Reflexivity in aesthetic situation management’, Discourses on Culture, 20, pp. 161–197. doi: 10.2478/doc‑2023‑0015.

The article deals with reflexivity in the context of the aesthetic situation from two perspectives: self-management and management of the components in the aesthetic situation. All considerations are based on the theory of the aesthetic situation (Gołaszewska, 1984), transcribed into the management field (Szostak, 2023a) with the use of a metaphor of an organisation as a work of art (Szostak & Sułkowski, 2020). Emphasis on reflexivity in specific components of the aesthetic situation – especially the creator and the recipient perspectives – brings a new light into the process of self-awareness and prediction of potential consequences of activities before their appearance. The following issues are addressed by exploring the intersection between reflexivity and aesthetic situation management: aesthetic decision-making, reception process, cultural and social contexts, transcending aesthetic boundaries, artistic collaboration, ethical considerations, self-critique, and historical context.

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