New article (ENG): "The Ukrainian Magnum Opus by Gebrüder Rieger from 1933", in: "The Organ", No 398, November 2021-January 2022

Dodano 3.11.2021

National and local organ culture is a function of many determinants like the level of wealth, physical possibilities, determination or consequences of socio-political circumstances. Following the path of the description of the Eastern Europe organ world, I would like to present the opus magnum built by the Rieger-Kloss company in 1933 in one of the most interesting historical buildings in Lviv. Today Lviv is an important city on the map of Western Ukraine. Since its origin, the organ has been witnessing many historical turbulences, thousands of great concerts and still serves as a milestone in creating organ culture in this region. Having the great pleasure to perform several recitals on it (2018, 2019, 2021), I would like to provide – not only a theoretical description of its history and physical features but also – a practical opinion based on my own experience.

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