New article: "Frédéric Chopin and the organ", in: "The Organ”, London, No 389, August-October 2019

Dodano 29.8.2019

19th-century Paris was a place where all important musicians wanted to perform, to be performed, to be seen and noticed. As we know, Parisian organ world – thanks to Aristide Cavaillé-Coll’s instruments and symphonic-school organ performers – kept this trend perfectly. This pattern also became a 20-year-old Chopin, who arrived in the city in 1830. 

This article – written for the 170th anniversary of Chopin’s death – is a collection of reflections from a contemporary walks a) along the streets of Warsaw, b) around the church at the village Obory (Polish lands) and c) around the church of Notre-Dame-du-Mont, Marseille, France. There are a lot of studies on this great artist, which is why our walks will concern organ matters only – both historical and contemporary ones. For us, organ performers and lovers, Chopin is an unusual inspiration. However it is worth to stimulate our imagination by looking for not popular but still interesting facts.


Copyrights (all texts, pictures and videos) Michał Szostak (R)